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Thank You Very Much For Your Interest To Know About Me !!

It really feels great as you have visited to this page to know about the person behind this blog. Although I am not a celebrity or any renowned person yet, I am the owner (Kartha- Dartha) of this website and would love to introduce myself to respect your interest in knowing me.

Hey, this is Prashanth M B. I am an veteran IT professional who have worked for local Indian and MNC companies over two decades and my career spanned across the length & breadth of India and also in UK/Europe & US

When I started this blog, I had no target or goal in my mind. I just wanted to share my views with the world. I write about everything under the sun. You may be thinking why would I do it.

But most of the time, the blog posts are about online shopping, deals and offers.

I like to help the blog readers in purchasing the best product for them.