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Succesful and Great Intern – Five (5) habits to Practice

Ways to be a Succesful and Great Intern !!

Welcome everybody, today we are talking about how to be a Succesful and Great Intern !!

I’m going to talk about five ways that you can be a Successful and Great Intern, either for the spring if you still have your spring internship or if you’re already thinking summer maybe even fall let’s figure out how you can rock that internship leave a lasting impression and hey maybe even turn that internship into a job

I’m looking at all the information at my disposal and came up with these 5 ways or habits, so are you ready now for my advice on five ways to be a great intern !! Yes, it is very simple and just read through & etch into your daily routine

1. Communication – Key factor for Successful & Great Intern !!

Successful & Great Intern - Communication is a key tool
Communication is a key factor

Most likely your internship is going to be in an company (or in a team) where hundred or five hundred or over a thousand different employees would be there

Communication is so important and an example of it is – Just being able to properly communicate the workload in office/project is very very important, even in a very small start-up company where all of our desks are very close together & sometimes one person does know what the other is doing

  • So Samy who is an intern might get an assignment from Mary and then Maggie from our marketing team might also give her assignment.
  • Mary and Maggie might not be talking as they’re buried in their computers. So now Samy has two assignments
  • Now Samy doesn’t know what assignment to do first ? she’s either gonna guess and we know that assumptions can lead to mistakes right or she has to communicate her workload. She has to say to both Mary and Maggie that I have two assignments what should I do first so again communication at your internship is so important.

That stands for double checking your work and it’s not just a matter of double-checking your work at the end or double checking your emails before you send them out it’s also just double checking the assignment and making sure that you are accomplishing the goal

2. Double check – (Reiterate & Reconfirm)

Successful & Great Intern - Double check & Reconfirm

So when you’re given an assignment, I think it’s really important to reiterate the assignment back to the person who’s assigning it to you.

So an example –  let’s say Mary from our marketing team gives Samy our intern an assignment. Samy’s job is to reiterate that to Mary.

She might say – okay Mary thank you so much for that assignment & I just want to make sure that I have got it right “ you want me to look up these ten students on Twitter and see if they’ve posted about a certain product then you want me to write how many likes retweets and mentions that each person has received and you want me to put this in a Google Doc is that correct okay “

And sometimes it might sound a little silly, but you want to make sure that you’re spending your time a way that’s valuable to the company.

If Samy doesn’t reiterate the assignment back to Mary she might get it wrong and now she’s wasting her time and the team’s time so it’s really important to reiterate your assignments and just double-check everything.

Double-check the assignment double check the work double check your spelling your grammar and just make sure that you’re not rushing through everything.

3. Go that Extra Mile:

Go that Extra mile to achieve the task or help people
Going that Extra Mile

Now when you are an intern, you might have one other intern who is also interning at the same time or you might have twenty-five other interns or even might have hundred other interns and you obviously want to stand out to become a Succesful and Great Intern !!

And I think the way to stand out is by always proactively thinking & be prepared to go the extra mile.

How can you predict the next step of this work or assignment and not only hand in your work but also extend a help to others and think ahead and do more than that you are required to (but don’t over board)

  • Think, how can I volunteer to be at a situation on a day that I’m not supposed to be interning
  • How can I just make the most of my opportunities and show my team again and again and again that I’m here to learn and I’m really trying to make the most of the opportunity

So always ask yourself – how can I go the extra mile at my internship today and sometimes it’s really just a matter of going back to my first and second pieces of advice right communicating and double-checking your work and making sure that you’re doing that so again communicate double check your work go the extra mile

4. Take Notes:

Take Notes - jot down every possible info
Taking notes of Imporatnt things

We already talked about double-checking the work just make sure that you have your notes written down on what you’re supposed to do and make sure that you’re actually doing it, that might sound like such silly advice, but I can’t tell you how frequently we deal with it.

So the way to make sure you’re following directions, is to take notes.

When you’re given an assignment, make sure that you have an exact path for success and as you’re taking notes take a minute read them over. And if any big step of the process is missing or is unclear or is confusing, go back to the concerned person to double check your work. Make sure that before you start an assignment you have the directions you can follow them & you know exactly what you’re doing

Now another piece of advice I want to give you is at your internship you’re going to learn 10 20 30 40 different things, you’re probably going to have some sort of internship training. So make sure you take notes and you don’t lose your notes.

Well you take so many notes on all these calls and all these training sessions but then 4 or 6 or 8 weeks later you have to actually do the assignment you don’t know where your notes are or you have no idea what notebook you wrote those in.

So make sure that your notes are organized so that you’re able to follow the directions and this way your internship supervisor doesn’t have to tell you how to do the same thing again and again and again

5. Stay Professional:

Stay professional you are at an internship !!

If you went to a weekend party or friends birthday or  hangout over the weekend that’s great I hope you had a great time but ensure that you’re not in hungover at work,  as nobody want to hear that you’re recovering

If you’re on an instant messenger chat okay at work and an employee makes a joke ha ha ha…definitely you want to engage with that person you want to build a real genuine relationship with your team but you want to make sure that you walk a fine line

Let the other employees in the office share slightly inappropriate stories be the one to laugh at their stories but you don’t necessarily need to share your own.

So just make sure that any small talk happening in the office stays very professional, you don’t want to give the team any reason to think that you’re not going to act like a professional should they offer you the job or work with you down the line.

Final Words:

So you – Communicate, Reiterate & Reconfirm your work, Go the extra mile all the directions, Note down your observations & Stay Professional and that is how you impress everybody at your internship

Thanks for reading my blog and other articles, am always turning out advice on how you can make the most of your internship…Good Luck !!

If this Article of mine makes sense to you & be of some help or if you want to add some other vital factors which can help others, please do drop in a comment over this article

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