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Internship Meaning & Certificate and Internship at Bangalore !!

Internship Meaning and Importance

Here we answer to your ever unsettling question – What is the meaning of Internship and why is so important to students career

Internship Meaning !!

An Internship position is characterized as a type of experiential discovering, that integrates knowledge (information) and Theory (hypothesis) learned in the study hall with practical application and aptitudes advancement in an corporate professional setting.

Internships offer students/graduates the chance to increase important applied understanding and make associations in professional fields they are thinking about for career paths; and offer the employers an opportunities to personally guide them in applying their inherent skills and finally evaluate their suitability to the job

What is an Internship?

An Internship is any deliberately monitored work or service experience with which an understudy has purposeful learning objectives and thinks about effectively what he/she is realizing all through the experience, and

  • A typical duration of 10 to 15 weeks 
  • The majority of internships are during the summer, or  semester long 
  • A part-time or full-time commitment 
  • Paid or unpaid opportunities 
  • Academic credit may be earned

Importance of Internship Certificate

In case you’re searching for an job or occupation, it can appear as though everything expects three to five years of experience or at least the know-how’s of corporate world & its etiquettes . So in reality experience can be the pivotal factor in who gets hired in the companies – that’s why Internship is so important !!

Internships can really improve your employability regardless of what you’re majoring in, in fact a recent University study showed that interning in a career field could be even more important than majoring in that field when it comes to getting a job interview

While unpaid internships were a big thing in the past but the labor now issues legal guidelines that encourage employers to pay interns for their work.

In fact both national and local data indicate that the overwhelming majority of internships are paid so intern early and intern often and if you’re a rising college junior or senior looking for an internship check out with your college Administration/Authorities to career program if it places good interns with good companies in paid internships.

As per a recent report by the National Employment Assessments and Authorities, 59% of the organizations contracted their paid assistants  (Interns) as new full-time workers. So work experience while in school/college would have helped them get the job they wanted by cultivating the professional networks and skills you’ll need to succeed.

6 Questions You will Be asked In An Internship Interview

While you search for the Internship meaning or trying to understand the definition of Internship , it is also important for you to be prepared for the questions to be posed during your interaction with the probable employer

I know everyone asks about the Interview questions all the time, so I put together today is really quick and it’s just six questions that usually been asked to the Interns in an Internship interview.

And I thought this might be helpful for everyone that’s getting nervous and kind of freaking out and prepping for their own interviews.

So here we go the first question that we like to ask is:

1. Why our company (like Google or Microsoft) is the place for you to work?

Do some research and jot out few points which resonates with you & the company before the interview !!

This is an opportunity for you to really connect the dots for the employer and to express why you’re passionate about working for that organization and what the organization has going on that really gets you excited and kind of drives you

** Don’t say because of the brand or my friends are working or the value it brings to your resume

2. What is the most relevant experience or skills you have you know looking at your resume versus this position?

I think the way to make sure that you’re prepared to answer that is to make sure that you’ve gone back and looked at the job posting right because that’s where they say exactly what they’re looking for.

You might think you know what you’re looking for but if you don’t go back to that job application form or that job listing that you filled out or looked at before you applied you might not know

So again what is the most relevant skills or experience you have and that just I think helps employers know what they should really pay attention to the most on your resume

3. What do you do to stay organized?

Most workplaces these days are fast paced, everyone’s using email and slack in Instagram and phone calls and texting and there’s all these forms of communication but I want to know how you stay organized right because if I hire you I want to be sure that you’re not gonna get sort of lost in the communication storm

4. What is a challenge that you’ve been faced with and how did you overcome it right ?

And I think with that, you want to be a little bit careful you can talk about a personal challenge but don’t get too into the weeds on this.

We’ve talked about that before, you don’t want to get too far into personal stories

I think it’s great to talk about maybe a club that you were part of on campus or a class that you are struggling with or a group project where maybe there was a weak team member and you really had to kind of rise up to the challenge but make sure that you have a challenge ready to talk about

5. What do you want to get out of this experience?

When companies hire interns they want to make sure that, not only are we learning from them but they’re learning from us.

So you should have to know 1 2 3 learning objectives that you’re hoping to get out of this experience.

So for example if you’re going if it’s a PR interview you’re doing maybe you want to learn how to write a press release maybe you want to learn how to pitch a client learn how to organize and build a media kit right there’s all these different things so make sure that you’re thinking about that.

6. Do you have any questions for us ?

And is there a wrong answer yes – no, the wrong answer is to say no !!

I will say it again, you’re meeting the employers for the first time, of course you have questions and there’s no way you don’t have questions.

So make sure that before you go into the interviews you’re getting prepped and you have a list of 5 to 10 questions, so that you can ask one or two of them at the end of the interview

Final Words on Internship Meaning

Hope this will give you the basic understanding of What is Internship and what to expect from it. Read my below article on How to be Successful & Great Intern

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